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snowbound / заснеженный, занесенный снегом, задержанный снежными заносами
имя прилагательное
занесенный снегом
задержанный снежными заносами
имя прилагательное
prevented from traveling or going out by snow or snowy weather.
he was snowbound in the nearby mountains
He also has some infatuation with Tolkien, as might be guessed from the name, lives in California, and has a fondness for taunting snowbound Minnesotans with photos of blooming flowers.
The village of Oberndorf was snowbound , and the candlelit midnight mass had come to an abrupt end.
If you have to be snowbound , Cambridge, and especially the beautiful Charles Hotel, is a great place to be.
One of the worst areas was beyond Smithills where several moorland roads were snowbound , and cattle trucks have been marooned.
I fingered the little figurine and remembered over years the snowbound village, the dreadful lunch guests, and the vicar's mild, foolish face.
Left alone in the dark, Jack experiences fractured memories of the war and the death of the police officer on a snowbound Vermont highway.
To fulfill this anticipation, you'll cross a number of differing terrains, including deserts, snowbound mountain passes and fetid swampland, gathering a number of companions along the way.
The region remains completely snowbound , and despite a large volunteer snow-clearing effort, it will probably be several days or weeks before the district is accessible by ground traffic.
Years later, while snowbound in his Canadian home-in-exile with only the odd visits from the local librarian for company, he is dispassionate about the moral choices he's made.
Soups, stews and pasta are ideal for addressing the situation but, as we have been snowbound since December 29, we've been alternating those alternatives for three months now.