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snowboard / сноуборд
имя существительное
имя существительное
a board resembling a short, broad ski, used for sliding downhill on snow.
I dumped the snowboard on the snow and gave the little boy a hug.
slide downhill on a snowboard.
the thrills of snowboarding
Many adults enjoy the tube park, especially those who are a bit too hesitant to entrust their life to a pair of skinny skis or a single snowboard !
I dumped the snowboard on the snow and gave the little boy a hug.
I fell in love with the snow and with my snowboard .
‘It looks so much easier on a snowboard ,’ he complained, half covered in snow after taking a fall to avoid a clump of trees.
Once you've selected a character and a snowboard or skis, you'll begin racing.
The 1,500-cubic-inch pack will comfortably carry a snowboard or skis - plus 100 ounces of water.
Upon arrival at the destination there will be one set of skis or a snowboard for each team.
You can learn to turn a snowboard in a short time.
In the seconds leading up to the jump, I though that I was going to make it, but as my snowboard quickly got wedged into the snow halfway down the gulley my thoughts changed.
You may also rent skis or a snowboard for $34 a day.