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snowball / снежный ком, снежок
имя существительное
снежный ком
играть в снежки
расти как снежный ком
имя существительное
a ball of packed snow, especially one made for throwing at other people for fun.
Sighing, she slide down the tree she had been leaning against and packed a snowball , idly throwing it into the stream in front of her.
a dessert resembling a ball of snow, especially one containing or covered in ice cream.
The three-packs of snowballs and caramel teacakes are being sold through petrol station forecourts and other outlets.
a cocktail containing gin, anisette, and cream.
throw snowballs at.
I made sure the other kids stopped snowballing Celia
increase rapidly in size, intensity, or importance.
the campaign was snowballing
One thing is for certain, however, the lively debate surrounding the film - be it political or environmental - should serve to guarantee that profits snowball at the box office.
There was Justin, all bundled up in a huge black snowsuit, throwing a snowball at Tiffany.
Inconspicuously, she made a snowball and threw it at Tara.
the closures are expected to have a snowball effect, impacting jobs and tax revenues
The boy's mother claimed her son had been assaulted after throwing a single snowball and she was calling the police.
So they were just pistachio snowball cookies, which was okay, but I'd have loved to taste the combination of pistachio AND lemon together… maybe next time.
The ambitious vision then was that this coalition would snowball into one single consolidated unit which would grow into greater strength.
It now appears that the snowball has already grown in size and discrimination.
Denny managed to pack a snowball together and threw it at my chest.
Then there were snowball cookies, which I think are the most suitable cookies for Christmas.