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snow / снег, снегопад, белизна
имя существительное
snowfall, snow, fall of snow, scurry
white, whiteness, snow, argent
имя прилагательное
snow, snowy, nival, niveous
заносить снегом
snow, snow under, snow up, snow in
pour in, rain, snow
обольщать неискренними речами
имя существительное
atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer.
we were trudging through deep snow
something that resembles snow in color or texture, in particular.
snow falls.
it's not snowing so heavily now
mislead or charm (someone) with elaborate and insincere words.
they would snow the public into believing that all was well
Shoveling snow was beginning to wear on me.
He found her sitting alone next to a window, watching snow falling onto the ground.
He quickly came up with a 10 point plan to ensure that CEOs could never snow their investors like that again.
Halfway to the Northern palace, two days into the journey, night fell as fresh snow floated to the ground.
This is because the snow is blown around in the wind, and it is hard to know the difference between falling and drifting snow .
They are saying it will snow again tonight.
There was a heavy, wet snow falling gently on the harbour.
The tragic ending is atmospheric, with snow falling on a procession of women carrying red lanterns.
all that they could pick up on their screens was snow
When the vapor condenses into rain or freezes to make snow , the precipitation is acid, which can fall into lakes.