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snout / рыло, морда, нос
имя существительное
snout, mug, muzzle, nose, nozzle, snoot
muzzle, snout, mug, snoot
nose, prow, head, snout, naze, neb
рыть мордой
имя существительное
the projecting nose and mouth of an animal, especially a mammal.
They have a pointed snout , and the mouth contains teeth.
a cigarette.
a police informer.
The opprobrium that once attached to informers, snitches, snouts , shoppers and narks in all walks of life no longer exists.
Most believe that, as a police snout , he set them up for lengthy jail sentences.
Gino held the mask over the dog's snout and waited.
The fish shows other features characteristic of land animals, including ribs, a neck, and nostrils on its snout for breathing air.
From the tip of the snout to the end of its tail, it was no longer than a foot.
He covered the animal's snout with his mouth and puffed two breaths into her.
She turned and saw the bay nudging his snout through the bars, eager for her strokes.
They have a pointed snout , and the mouth contains teeth.
Kathleen stared at the pistol, which he held, that had a cloud of smoke whispering from its snout , then she averted her eyes to the fallen officer.
Once the snout contacted an ant larva or pupa, the snake would slide the ventral surface of its snout over the top of the prey until the prey item was positioned at or near the front of the mouth.
This area can also be taken up by the bus's snout , leaving the cyclist little option but form a ‘snake’ alongside.