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snorkel / трубка, шноркель, дыхательная трубка
имя существительное
tube, snorkel, mobile phone, tobacco pipe, shank, cellphone
snorkel, schnorkel
дыхательная трубка
snorkel, schnorkel
имя существительное
a short curved tube for a swimmer to breathe through while keeping the face under water.
Now swap all skates, helmets and padding for flippers, snorkels and swimsuits.
a type of hydraulically elevated platform for firefighting.
Left are the FS6, the one which gave the stranded firefighters a lift, and a 1970 Snorkel with a boom and a cage for real emergencies.
swim using a snorkel.
the sea is incredibly clear, which is ideal for snorkeling
If you can breathe through a snorkel , then you are well on the way towards one of the most enriching wildlife experiences of your life.
The snorkel , flippers, and goggles are definitely material objects, as are the air tank, the regulator, and the buoyancy control device.
And don't forget to bring your snorkel : diving aficionados swear that the Maldives have the finest dive sites in the world, and most resorts have fully equipped dive centres.
Breathe into the blue, green or yellow plastic device, which resembles an asthma inhaler or part of a snorkel , for three or four minutes twice each day, and you'll breathe easier when you race.
Similar effects are experienced by recreational breath-hold divers; they may also use a snorkel to allow breathing when on the surface.
snorkel around the unspoiled coral reefs
In fact, so many people snorkel at Hanauma Bay that it often gets quite crowded.
Strap on a mask and snorkel , and you can swim with sea lions, so curious and friendly that they will brush past your face.
The odd snorkel bobs in the water, occasionally spurting water, and there's not a boat to be seen.
bring a snorkel and flippers to explore the offshore reef