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snore / храпеть, похрапывать
snore, snort, roar
имя существительное
snore, snoring
snore, snort
имя существительное
a snorting or grunting sound in a person's breathing while asleep.
she lay on the mattress listening to Sally's snores
breathe with a snorting or grunting sound while asleep.
he was snoring loudly
Does the patient snore heavily or stop breathing during sleep?
she sings a version of ‘Passionate Kisses’ that's a certified snore
He let out a small snore , his mouth hanging open.
Matt let out an abnormally large snore and I imagined myself smothering him with his own pillow.
The joint interview is a snore - informative but pretty boring.
His head was leaning back, and every time he breathed a snore would erupt from his nostrils.
I heard a loud snore coming from the room next door and remembered that I was in Gabby's house.
When he finally started to snore lightly, Heather unzipped her sleeping bag noiselessly.
I heard a soft snore coming from the living room.
Brandon let out a loud snore to which they all laughed.