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snooze / вздремнуть, прикорнуть
nap, take a nap, snooze, have a nap, catnap, snatch a nap
nuzzle, snooze
имя существительное
короткий сон
nap, kip, snooze, wink, winking, zizz
имя существительное
a short, light sleep, especially during the day.
he settled in the grass for a snooze
have a short, light sleep.
the children play beach games while the adults snooze in the sun
Plans for a gentle walk followed by lunch, a snooze in the library then afternoon tea are quickly thwarted when I discover we are all off for a spot of abseiling at Neiste Point.
Plus I find when I wake up after a short snooze I'm usually in a bad mood.
Even when I awoke from a snooze , I still felt as if I'd not slept for a week.
If the exciting weekend at the beach turned out to be a total snooze , thank your hosts for inviting you for some rest and relaxation in such a beautiful corner of the world or for the opportunity to get some unpolluted air into your lungs.
So we celebrated with a little feast of bilberries and then sank on to the comfortable cushions of these shrubs for a celebratory snooze in the sunshine.
So we all headed back to our respective homes and/or places of rest for the night and had a snooze .
the children play beach games while the adults snooze in the sun
It was a pleasantly sung song, if a bit of a snooze .
That'd be more useful than being woken up by all those flashing lights while you're trying to have a snooze in the traffic jam.
The light snooze was interrupted by a huge thump on the car.