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snoot / сноб, рыло, нос
имя существительное
snob, snoot
snout, mug, muzzle, nose, nozzle, snoot
nose, prow, head, snout, naze, snoot
slight, disparage, stepmother, snoot
относиться свысока
patronize, snoot
имя существительное
a person's nose.
Sticking my snoot into the glass, the aroma is that of stale grass.
a person who shows contempt for those considered to be of a lower social class.
the snoots complain that the paper has lowered its standards
a tubular or conical attachment used to produce a narrow beam from a spotlight.
Walk in with a pretension in your heart or a lift to your snoot and he would expertly deflate you.
And when I shot a glare at one of the more egregious loud talkers, she looked down her long, expensively-altered snoot at my volunteer nametag and hissed, ‘Oh, it's not like you paid to get in here and see her.’
It's a loss I suppose, although, in my business, a bum snoot can be an asset.
She casually and inexplicably decides that it's okay to fill her snoot with cocaine.
I'm probably the haughty snoot that deters peasants from going to the Opera (all power to me, then!).
Sticking my snoot into the glass, the aroma is that of stale grass.
He was the leading exponent of photorealism, a school of art that was probably maligned by the snoots but embraced, bemusedly, by the pop artists.
This kind of coinage and derivation is a typical process in the creative evolution of language, and is exactly the sort of thing that snoots like to deprecate.
So the royal snoots spoke in their endless debates: ‘Yes, the one that should succeed in conquering all must gain power on the home front, but one also must disable the enemy abroad.’