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snoop / шпионить, вынюхивать, стащить
spy, snoop, tout
sniff out, ferret out, snoop, nose about
sneak, pull off, filch, snatch, nick, snoop
имя существительное
detective, sleuth, spotter, eye, gumshoe, snoop
detective, eye, dick, tec, snooper, snoop
имя существительное
a furtive investigation.
I could go back to her cottage and have another snoop
investigate or look around furtively in an attempt to find out something, especially information about someone's private affairs.
your sister might find the ring if she goes snooping around
I start talking without admitting that I'm a professional snoop
And, as usual, the law is unlikely to catch the professional snoop .
I hope he doesn't think I'm some kind of snoop for touching it.
They could have been hiding photos and mementos of her somewhere, but I just wasn't born to be a snoop .
That's when you catch the snoop in your rear-view mirror, methodically recording your license plate in a notepad.
He knew he shouldn't look through it, and he wasn't a snoop at heart, but it was calling him.
I could go back to her cottage and have another snoop
The blond cheerleader narrowed her eyes and then ignored the snoop .
My mother was a great snoop , she'd call it ‘cleaning up’ and I'd come home from a weekend at my Dad's to find she'd rifled through my things.
This feature is basically a game wherein the viewer can snoop around Eddie's office and find all kinds of information about the production of the film.