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snooker / снукер
имя существительное
diddle, hype, bitch, flam, snooker
имя существительное
a game played with cues on a billiard table in which the players use a cue ball (white) to pocket the other balls (fifteen red and six colored) in a set order.
The balls are 61.5mm in diameter, much larger than in snooker or billiards.
subject (oneself or one's opponent) to a snooker.
On his first visit Tony cleared the rest of his spots but snookered himself on the black.
He still drank, smoked, gambled and played snooker for money.
he needed a snooker to have a chance of winning the frame
The tournaments in billiards and snooker will soon be commencing so members should come in and get in some practice.
There what I found was many ladies tend to take part in pool and they also compete in international tournaments even when it comes to billiards and snooker .
He has produced quality snooker during the past fortnight - and on a consistent basis.
Those who survive will play in York when the city hosts a major ranking snooker tournament for the first time.
he needed a snooker to have a chance of winning the frame
He had previously played football with Sutton United and liked to watch snooker as well.
To go out in my first match in snooker 's second biggest tournament is very hard to accept.
Forthcoming events include table football, tennis and snooker tournaments with a big event being planned for the near future.