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snook / длинный нос
имя существительное
длинный нос
snook, proboscis
имя существительное
a large edible game fish of the Caribbean that is sometimes found in brackish water.
The saltwater river harbors prized snook , trout, largemouth bass, redfish, and even tarpon.
place one's hand so that the thumb touches one's nose and the fingers are spread out, in order to express contempt.
you wouldn't be so quick to cock a snook if she were actually looking at you
Any anchorage with a mangrove shoreline is likely to produce mangrove snapper and, if you are in the Greater Antilles or along the South American coast, snook .
But once out there, it's not unusual to see spotted rays or even nurse sharks cruising along a 2,000-foot wall, or for anglers to hook bonefish, tarpon, or snook .
Redfish, snook , cobia and ladyfish are the main targets at this time of the year and we also took a couple of plaice and ‘sea-trout’.
you wouldn't be so quick to cock a snook if she were actually looking at you
Yeah, problem was, there literally wasn't anybody to paddle out with, and I could see all the mullet, and the snook , tarpon and sharks feeding on them out there.
On slack tide just off the mouth of Florida's Indian River, for example, even live threadfins on 6 feet of fluorocarbon leader sometimes cannot get a snook 's attention.
It's a fast growing branch of angling today and I suppose it can be likened to fishing for redfish, snook or tarpon except it's done in freshwater.
On calmer mornings, walking the beach and casting diagonally across the surf line can produce a mixed bag of trout, reds, jacks, snook and mackerel.
Perhaps it had just polished off a fat snapper or snook and had no appetite for a couple of scrawny teenagers.
Crucial traits all, when your reel is screeching and a 20-pound snook is towing your skiff into deep water.