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snog / миловаться, целоваться и обниматься
целоваться и обниматься
smooch, snog
kiss and caress amorously.
It lasts for all of 30 seconds and consists of the pair snogging and tearing at each other's clothing, but even so Jones was nervous.
имя существительное
an act or spell of amorous kissing and caressing.
There aren't even any snogs , but there is one big kiss at the most crucial point of the play which, he assures me, is guaranteed to make the young crowd go ballistic.
I think our working definition of a date is: you care what you're wearing, you get nervous if they're late, and there's a prospect (in your mind) of a snog , no matter how naive a hope this may later seem.
They can wear the best clothes, go to the best clubs, snog the best-looking boys.
At that point, a dreadful memory came flashing back: I suddenly remembered how I'd been dancing with a female colleague of mine and that we'd been locked in a deep snog .
I could have pushed you into a corner and given you a quick snog !
I missed a snog under the mistletoe with him last year cos he was off holidaying somewhere.
Is this the manner in which New York dating runs its doomed and futile course, once every two weeks a few Margaritas and a drunken snog in the rain before taking three subway rides home to a dark and cold apartment?
Is that worse than a random drunken snog at a party?
Before long cupid's arrow hit home with me too and I was having a snog with Glenn.
he gave her a proper snog, not just a peck
This has the side effect of criminalising a teenage snog behind the bike sheds.