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snitch / доносчик, осведомитель
имя существительное
informer, snitch, informant, squeal, sneak, delator
informant, informer, snitch, canary, stooge, intelligencer
snitch, sneak, tell on, peach
snitch, steal, swipe
inform, report, waft, denounce, tell, snitch
имя существительное
an informer.
Well, being a snitch or an informant does not make you martyr or mean that you are really copping out.
After all, these nightly visitors aren't there to snitch snapdragons or pilfer peas.
inform on someone.
she wouldn't tell who snitched on me
You can track their movements via the mobile phone system, remotely monitor their presence in school, even learn when your teenager is driving too fast, thanks to a satellite-linked service that will snitch on him or her by e-mail.
You're okay for now, but I'll see if I can snitch a few things for you later.
I didn't get caught nor did anyone snitch on me but shortly after the fight ended my boyfriend called me.
Sometimes the other dorks would let me stand with them, just so that the teachers wouldn't snitch on me to the school psychologist for not having any friends.
But the gist of the film is the meeting of the criminals and their interaction to identify the snitch .
The laws, for instance, require doctors who witness injuries consistent with child sex abuse to call authorities; and social workers are obligated to snitch if they confront someone clearly about to physically harm another.
He might be a snitch , but he prided himself on providing good information to those who needed and would pay for it.
Well, I don't usually like to snitch , but he was coming onto me and I was a little uncomfortable.
Fights and chases erupt when personal penguin space is invaded or when young marauders snitch a few prized pebbles to start building nests of their own.
The person you told would snitch , of course, and that's how lessons were learned.