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snipe / бекас, выстрел из укрытия
имя существительное
snipe, jack-snipe
выстрел из укрытия
стрелять из укрытия
охотиться на бекасов
имя существительное
a wading bird of marshes and wet meadows, with brown camouflaged plumage, a long straight bill, and typically a drumming display flight.
But with the help of his son and his father, he managed to find time to ensure his hectares became an ideal home for lapwings, redshanks, snipes and curlews.
shoot at someone from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range.
the soldiers in the trench sniped at us
make a sly or petty verbal attack.
the state governor constantly sniped at the president
(in an online auction) place a bid judged to be high enough to win an item just before the bidding is scheduled to close.
sellers love sniping because it drives up prices
I regularly snipe 10 to 5 seconds before the end of eBay auctions
Despite the snipe and the swamp sparrows, the bird of the outing was a rail.
A female Marsh harrier was chasing a male painted snipe in flight.
The smallest of snipes, the jack snipe has been declining in Norfolk in recent years.
A new survey has revealed that populations of waders such as lapwing, curlew and snipe are thriving because land is being managed with their needs in mind.
Once common species such as the snipe , lapwing and curlew have seen declines of up to 73 per cent; birds like the twite, a moorland version of the linnet, are now gone from some parts of the park.
The shocking results from the county are that no breeding pairs of curlew, lapwing, redshank, snipe or oystercatcher were recorded on the sites surveyed.
Not that this will appease the critics, who continue to snipe .
I regularly snipe 10 to 5 seconds before the end of eBay auctions
Its flight and habits resemble a small snipe which a lot of people would be familiar with.