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sniffy / презрительный, с запашком, попахивающий
имя прилагательное
contemptuous, disdainful, scornful, sniffy, snooty, supercilious
с запашком
sniffy, whiffy, reeking
имя прилагательное
scornful; contemptuous.
some people are sniffy about tea bags
Perhaps they were right to be at least a little sniffy .
Orthodox experts tend to be rather sniffy about such tests.
But he was sniffy about the roles he was offered, preferring to wait for ‘the big one’, and it never really came.
There is a middle-class reserve to Edinburgh that gets rather sniffy at the thought of making a public display of oneself.
The two countries have obviously been shaken by the sniffy reaction of much of Europe to the EU Constitution.
It was a bit unfair, I suggested, to be sniffy about people wanting to become pop stars when the alternative was, say, working in a factory.
Britain's retail bankers tend to be a sniffy lot.
The governor of the castle was very sniffy about letting us have it - saying that it shouldn't be used for political events.
Given Europe's appalling unemployment record, especially its failure to provide jobs for young folk, the Continent's elite have no right to be sniffy .
It's easy to get sniffy about ‘celebrity culture’, but it simply fills the vacuum in public life.