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sniffer / нюхалка, нос, глоток спиртного
имя существительное
nose, prow, head, snout, naze, sniffer
глоток спиртного
snifter, slug, dram, toothful, swig, sniffer
имя существительное
a person who sniffs, especially one who sniffs a drug or toxic substance.
a glue sniffer
a person's nose.
But they can deliver substantial benefits in situations where, given the choice, we'd prefer not to use our own sniffers .
a computer program that detects and records a variety of restricted information, especially the secret passwords needed to gain access to files or networks.
Having a static network address will slow down the hacker, although he or she can still get on your network using a sniffer program .
We've just purchased a sniffer , which is a portable hand-held photolionisation detector.
she bounced a dictionary off my sniffer
I don't think it's a major problem, since someone who can access the victim's hard drive is more likely to simply install a keyboard sniffer .
The most widespread software-based method of obtaining passwords and other confidential information is through sniffer and watcher programs that monitor network traffic.
The device collects information from a passenger's boarding pass and uses a chemical sniffer to sense and identify potential high-security risks posed by baggage or passengers.
With all these applications, will farmers be able to have your chemical sniffer as a kind of standard appliance available that they can use themselves and take the advice that the smell profile gives them?
Well I don't know whether an electronic sniffer counts as nanotechnology but it does seem to be ever so adept at picking up infinitesimally small particles - in food.
a glue sniffer
What is therefore happening with these particular ads is that the sniffer used to detect browser type is finding two browsers and happily serving two ads at once, thus busting the margins.
As network traffic increases, the sniffer will start losing packets since the PC will not be able to process them quickly enough.