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snide / подлый, глумливый, фальшивый
имя прилагательное
vile, sneaky, despicable, dastardly, mean, snide
false, counterfeit, phony, faked, sham, snide
имя существительное
едкое замечание
snide remark, snide, nip, home-thrust
фальшивая драгоценность
фальшивая монета
false coin, bad coin, base coin, spurious coin, duffer, snide
имя прилагательное
derogatory or mocking in an indirect way.
snide remarks about my mother
counterfeit; inferior.
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имя существительное
an unpleasant or underhanded person or remark.
So far, all the snide remarks made by the press and by other party politicians have been entirely without substance.
They may be regarded by their fellow pupils as arrogant and over-ambitious, and be subjected, possibly, to snide remarks and even bullying.
Then they sat at the side and spent the rest of the rehearsal making (what appeared from a distance to be) snide remarks.
Sarah couldn't help but make the snide and sarcastic remark to him to show her hatred.
Amanda makes snide remarks to Sharon about marrying her brother.
Some marched past him, giving him anything from a passing glance to a narrow eyed stare of contempt and a snide remark.
He felt guilty for pushing her to her limits and sarcastically making his snide remarks.
The four of us mocked the commercials and trailers resoundingly, and I made the odd snide remark to Ben that I heard my other companion laughing at.
His on-screen persona is generally snide and mean-spirited, and usually not very funny at all.
One has to put up with snide remarks and comments.