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snicker / смешок, хихиканье, ржание
имя существительное
giggle, chuckle, sniggering, snicker, titter, snigger
neighing, neigh, snicker, whicker, horselaugh
giggle, chuckle, snicker, twitter, snigger, titter
тихо ржать
whinny, snicker
имя существительное
a smothered laugh; a snigger.
There were a few snickers as kids laughed at what everyone thought was a joke.
give a smothered or half-suppressed laugh; snigger.
For a good five minutes, we laughed, snickered , giggled, and chuckled our tension away.
Your friends openly laugh and snicker , knowing the look is far below your standards.
He didn't snicker , pass on rumors, and go out of his way to avoid, or make fun of her.
Please read the article while endeavoring not to laugh, chortle, snicker , hoot or whistle.
There was a brief pause, then Caitlin giggled and heard an answering snicker from Michael.
I heard some of the guys laugh, snicker and chuckle off to the side.
The laugh turned into a snicker , which led into a devilish cackle.
she is a woman they all love to snicker at
he could not evoke a snicker with his jokes
I heard a few snicker and my brother smirked at me, ‘Revenge is so sweet little sis.’
Some are patient, some will laugh, snicker , complain, or ignore the whole thing.