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snick / зарубка, надрез
имя существительное
nick, notch, hack, score, snick, cut
incision, notching, snip, gash, snick, hack
incise, snick, scotch
слегка надрезать
имя существительное
a small notch or cut.
he had several shaving snicks
a sharp click.
he heard the snick of the latch
cut a small notch or incision in (something).
the stem can be carefully snicked to allow the bud to swell
cause (something) to make a sharp clicking sound.
he placed the pen in the briefcase and snicked it shut
The thumb safeties snick on and off firmly, yet they're not too stiff.
The right thumb notched the spur back with the oily snick and click from a different century.
he heard the snick of the latch
However, old salts may at first find themselves trying in vain to snick the safety on before holstering.
They would then snick the hammer down and hand it back with a nod.
The person inside reached up to release the seal ring on the neck of the pressure suit and with a sharp snick , the helmet came loose.
She heard a labored snick and felt the brick move under her hand.
I heard the soft snick of a door as the glaring lights and confused tumble of sound was shut away.
he heard the snick of the latch
He heard the bolt of his door snick open, and he tucked the spoon swiftly into his sleeve, standing.