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sneer / насмешка, глумление, презрительная усмешка
имя существительное
mockery, ridicule, sneer, taunt, jibe, mock
mockery, sneer, jeer, wipe
презрительная усмешка
mock, scoff, sneer, jeer, flout
mock, taunt, scoff, razz, sneer, deride
grin, sneer
имя существительное
a contemptuous or mocking smile, remark, or tone.
he acknowledged their presence with a condescending sneer
smile or speak in a contemptuous or mocking manner.
she had sneered at their bad taste
he acknowledged their presence with a condescending sneer
A tingling feeling crept over his form, and an arrogant sneer then crept over his face.
His bitter frown transformed itself into a sneer and then a contemptuous smile.
I pointed in both directions when appropriate, my lips curling slightly in a sneer .
The woman strode past him with a disdainful sneer and entering the temple, glanced about.
he acknowledged their presence with a condescending sneer
He showed a very strange smile, almost a sneer before crouching a bit down so that he was face to face with me.
I turned the sneer into a smile, and not for the first time my mother was unable to return it.
Then his mouth twisted into something that was a mixture of a sneer and a smile.
And so I thought that the massive sneer with which his remarks were greeted was unjustified.