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sneak / красться, стащить, делать украдкой
steal, sneak, slink, creep, prowl, skulk
sneak, pull off, filch, snatch, nick, snitch
делать украдкой
steal, sneak
имя существительное
scoundrel, blackguard, sneak, stinker, skunk, heel
pilferer, sneak, nipper, lurcher, purloiner, ganef
имя существительное
a furtive and contemptible person.
he was branded a prying sneak for eavesdropping on intimate conversation
move or go in a furtive or stealthy manner.
I sneaked out by the back exit
имя прилагательное
acting or done surreptitiously, unofficially, or without warning.
a sneak thief
If you're riding a hold-up horse or a doubtful stayer you have to sneak him round, taking the shortest route around the inside and keeping him as relaxed and switched-off as possible.
I won't hide a murderer and I won't tolerate a liar and a sneak on my ship.
That means they won't be able to sneak wins with a single goal.
A few stragglers return from lunch, and the April afternoon clouds are too threatening to tempt anyone to sneak out for an early tee time.
As a sneak preview, I offer a song that has been up on my site for quite a while (and will remain on the site for the foreseeable future).
So, you know, to sneak someone onto a cruise ship, that would be almost an impossibility.
Friday's first snapshots amounted to a sneak preview.
Anyone trying to sneak out a few minutes early will be hard pressed to leave before the ‘real’ ending.
But existing members will get a sneak preview tonight.
He flattened underneath window and used his stealth power to sneak around to the back.