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snarl / рычание, ворчание, беспорядок
имя существительное
growl, snarl
grunt, nagging, growl, grumble, grunting, snarl
mess, disorder, clutter, confusion, chaos, snarl
growl, roar, snarl, bellow
snap, snarl
grumble, growl, nag, mutter, grunt, snarl
(of an animal such as a dog) make an aggressive growl with bared teeth.
snarling Dobermans
entangle or impede (something).
the bus got snarled up in the downtown traffic
decorate (metalwork) with raised shapes by hammering the underside.
имя существительное
an act or sound of snarling.
the cat drew its mouth back in a snarl
a knot or tangle.
snarls of wild raspberry plants
I used to snarl at anyone I disliked
Up ahead, a shepherd's dogs snarl , prompting one of our boatmen to tear into a bush and hand us branches for self-defense.
An owl hooted mysteriously, but was silenced by the sound of a low snarl followed by a thud.
But then, curiously, he did not snarl contemptuously that they were wrong and that he had a sackful of lawyers to say so.
a snarl of rage
With a snarl of rage and perhaps also of fear the creature began to struggle against the steel clamps around his arms and feet.
It was the kind of fear I got when I heard two dogs snarl at each other just before they fought.
I used to snarl at anyone I disliked
For a moment, he seemed close to the edge, his expression contorting into a snarl of venomous hatred and barely-contained rage; but he made no physical move.
the cat drew its mouth back in a snarl