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snarky / элегантного
temper, grumpy
имя прилагательное
(of a person, words, or a mood) sharply critical; cutting; snide.
the kid who makes snarky remarks in class
But then, they're not snarky freelancers like I am.
You two were throwing snarky remarks at each other as though you were both fighting for the same guy.
How much can one miss the Great Eye Roll, the snarky remarks, the sarcasm, the feeling that no matter what you do, you'll just never please your child?
Oh, there are stoic Russians, cranky hitmen, brain-dead cops, snarky FBI guys and, yes, as you remember from the trailer, goats.
I spent an hour writing a post about this and it was all sarcastic and snarky and I was very proud of it.
Maybe there is something about small dog we are missing - some snarky , angry side - because all we saw was something so tiny Alex could hold him in one of his palms and literally sneeze him across the room.
But she ignored me… either that, or gave some snarky remark.
But mostly, being the writerly/vindictive type, I've looked forward to handing in the most subtly snarky resignation letter ever penned.