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snare / ловушка, силок, западня
имя существительное
trap, snare, hook, pitfall, catch, decoy
snare, trap, gin, noose, springe
trap, snare, pitfall, mantrap, pit, mesh
поймать в ловушку
ensnare, entrap, snare, catch
имя существительное
a trap for catching birds or animals, typically one having a noose of wire or cord.
Most poachers used silent and invisible methods such as wire snares and jaw traps to capture their quarry, be it deer or tigers.
a wire loop for severing polyps or other growths.
If a polyp or abnormality is found, your doctor may choose to remove it with a snare or using cautery.
catch (a bird or mammal) in a snare.
Concerned fishermen put pilchard bait on a rock, snared the bird and cut the nylon away.
Magazine magnates, television producers and movie studio executives wouldn't continue to use bridal themes as a blueprint if they didn't snare consumers.
A football hooligan jailed for attempting to murder a man was a danger to the public, according to a police officer who helped to snare him.
Heroin worth £1, 500 was seized, along with £2,000 in cash after officers mounted a covert surveillance operation to snare dealers.
At suitable sites, mist nets are strung up, and traps laid that harmlessly snare the birds as they come down to roost or rest.
If a polyp or abnormal tissue is found, the doctor may choose to remove it with a snare or cautery, or may take a biopsy.
The faintest bit of curiosity is all it takes to snare you.
It's Sadie Hawkins day, and a prime opportunity for the women of Dogpatch to snare a husband.
As the pigs continue to avoid capture, a hairy villain by the name of Wolf arrives on the scene to snare the pigs and send them back to the abattoir.
Mr Rooke said some premium retail sites might find it harder to snare tenants at existing rents, but B-grade retail space would be hardest hit by any oversupply.
I had only just learned which plants to eat and how to snare rabbits.