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snapshot / снимок, фотография, фотокарточка
имя существительное
photo, photograph, photography, snapshot
photograph, snapshot
делать снимок
photograph, shoot, photo, take, snapshot, mug
имя существительное
an informal photograph taken quickly, typically with a small handheld camera.
If you just want a standard, entry level digital camera for family snapshots and auction photos, then a point and shoot digital camera is a budget conscious choice.
a shot taken quickly by a hunter.
All of these tactics can work, just as a slap shot, a snap shot , a wrist shot or a backhander will work in the right situation.
this excellent book can only be a snapshot of a complex industry
As it turns out, the Z-score gives investors a pretty good snapshot of corporate financial health.
Morris had to make a good save from a snapshot by a defender
It is possible to get a snapshot of the complete staff at any one time of the railway system of east Kent only from these census enumerators' returns.
the procedure takes a new snapshot and does pixel counts for various sub-areas
The census is a unique snapshot of a moment in time in Scottish life.
this excellent book can only be a snapshot of a complex industry
Store a snapshot of your file associations so you can easily revert to your favorite settings, if something gets improperly associated.
It is important that the file system remain in production while also enabling the snapshot to preserve the data at that exact moment in time.
The formal Victorian portrait gave way to the informal snapshot , and now to the intimacy of the phonecam and picture message.