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snap / щелчок, хватка, кнопка
имя существительное
click, snap, flip, fillip
grip, grasp, snap, hug, clutch, snatch
button, key, knob, snap, pin, tack
click, flip, snap, crack, clack, fillip
snap, snap to
snap, snarl
имя прилагательное
hasty, hurried, snap, rash, precipitate, facile
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, snap
unexpected, sudden, surprising, surprise, abrupt, snap
с треском
crash, smack, snap
suddenly, abruptly, all of a sudden, all at once, pop, snap
имя существительное
a sudden, sharp cracking sound or movement.
she closed her purse with a snap
a small fastener on clothing, engaged by pressing its two halves together.
It has a front storm flap with zipper and hidden snaps , encased elastic cuffs and bottom hem, and bar-tacking at critical stress points.
an easy task.
a control panel that makes operation a snap
a quick backward movement of the ball from the ground that begins a play.
That quick snap enables the pitcher to get more movement on his pitches.
a snapshot.
Again don't worry about the quality; it can be a passport photo or a holiday snap !
break or cause to break suddenly and completely, typically with a sharp cracking sound.
guitar strings kept snapping
take a snapshot of.
he planned to spend the time snapping rare wildlife
put (the ball) into play by a quick backward movement from the ground.
A center not only is confronted with that, but he also must determine if blocking assignments need to change before he snaps the ball.
fasten with snaps.
he pulled a white rubber swim hat over his head and snapped it under his chin
имя прилагательное
done or taken on the spur of the moment, unexpectedly, or without notice.
a snap judgment
Again don't worry about the quality; it can be a passport photo or a holiday snap !
After making the snap decision to leave Bridlington, wreathed in torrential rain, we headed for Northumberland, a two-and-a-half hour drive away.
The snap in his tone was such that Carlie started to rise and salute, believing herself dismissed, but Captain Boniece motioned for her to remain.
The sharp snap of the snare rang through the crisp air.
There are no snap answers, and a style of counselling that is patronising and facile contributes nothing.
There was a sudden sharp snap and he turned to see Thomas holding up a limp Bomani, the jaguar's head hanging just a little too loose for normal.
My mother would make a snap judgment about him the moment she saw him, and, whether it be good or bad, when she heard he got me pregnant, all hell would break loose.
He used his cell phone camera to snap the picture of the cigarette.
A new pack of cards is set to revolutionise the way we play snap .
Clinton and his advisors were clearly taken aback by Barak's snap election decision.