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snaky / змеиный, коварный, извилистый
имя прилагательное
serpentine, snaky, colubrine
insidious, treacherous, cunning, crafty, wily, snaky
winding, tortuous, meandering, sinuous, convoluted, snaky
имя прилагательное
like a snake in appearance; long and sinuous.
a long snaky whip
Everything's dancing to a different, more roundabout rhythm right now - so start thinking tangential tango, lateral lambada, snaky samba, magical mambo or curvaceous kind of cha-cha-cha.
Her toes squelched against the damp sand, leaving a snaky trail of footprints.
Flora had become a beautiful green snaky dragon.
The Belgian is a long, thin and snaky bird, which is bred and trained to stand hunched over in its perched position.
I made a great putt on the 14th hole, a really snaky 30-footer, that really got me going again.
She gestured to the long, snaky line ahead of her.
Every now and again, a snaky comment would erupt from his lips but there was always a quick apology while he muttered something that she couldn't ever hear.
We eventually formed a snaky line, moving slowly toward the door.
This is bedroom hair; Medusa hair: snaky , sultry, seductive.
Honsha carries are a sword with a snaky curved blade and a short dagger - like weapon with a slightly longer hilt and a blade curved backwards.