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snake / змея, змей, предатель
имя существительное
snake, serpent, viper, asp, ophidian
serpent, snake
traitor, betrayer, rat, Judas, quisling, snake
вероломный человек
snake, viper
snake, meander
curl, wind, clamber, twist, twine, snake
имя существительное
a long limbless reptile that has no eyelids, a short tail, and jaws that are capable of considerable extension. Some snakes have a venomous bite.
The copperhead, a venomous snake , is dangerous, but its bite is rarely life-threatening to healthy adult humans.
a treacherous or deceitful person.
that man is a cold-blooded snake
a long flexible wire for clearing obstacles in piping.
As expected, they encountered the clog much farther down the pipe than the first plumber's snake could have reached from under the sink.
a former system of interconnected exchange rates for the currencies of EC countries.
Market pressures also busted the snake , as governments were unable to keep their currencies within these bands.
move or extend with the twisting motion of a snake.
a rope snaked down
that man is a cold-blooded snake
Shaken yet relatively unharmed, the snake rose, tail rattling again, preparing for one last strike.
Even though I've been bitten by a snake , I still like snakes.
the snake did not have any provision for strong currency nations to help the weak
The copperhead, a venomous snake , is dangerous, but its bite is rarely life-threatening to healthy adult humans.
The UK was thus forced to leave the cooperation, and later also France, Italy, and Sweden withdrew from the snake in the tunnel arrangement.
Next withdraw the snake and flush the pipe by inserting a garden hose with the water turned on full.
Step 3: If the closet auger is not effective, use a small snake in the same way as described for opening lavatory drains.
After France and Italy left the snake their currencies depreciated, making their goods more competitive than German goods.
The illegible writing begins to shift and change, turning into a snake biting its own tail, which twirls in a circle.