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snail / улитка, тихоход, спираль
имя существительное
snail, cochlea, helix
slug, snail
spiral, helix, scroll, loop, volute, snail
slowpoke, dawdler, slowcoach, loiterer, poke, snail
имя существительное
a mollusk with a single spiral shell into which the whole body can be withdrawn.
Large or small, landlubbers or seafarers or both, hermit crabs have one feature in common: they generally spend their lives inside the empty shells of snails or other mollusks.
The auto industry is a huge snail moving at its own slow pace day to day.
Okay, he's a snail . He has to hustle to keep up as the pair walk down the street.
Many snails have an operculum, a horny plate that seals the opening when the snail 's body is drawn into the shell.
a tedious and complicated process enough to exasperate a snail
The Quitobaquito spring snail is a tiny, 0.06 inch long aquatic snail that belongs to the Hydrobiidae family.
The cone shell is a marine snail that lives in tropical regions worldwide, including the waters around northeastern Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
The exotic mud snail , Batillaria attramentaria, is common in a few bays and estuaries at the northern extent of C. californica's range.
The average shell strength of mud snails was twice that of Littorina, and three times that of Uca.
Located here is the cochlea, a snaillike structure full of fluid and microscopic hairs.
Lobsters are bottom-feeding predators and their diet consists of worms, mussels, snails and other small marine bottom-dwelling organisms.