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snag / загвоздка, препятствие, коряга
имя существительное
snag, knot
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, snag
snag, sawyer
налететь на корягу
очищать от сучков
очищать от коряг
имя существительное
an unexpected or hidden obstacle or drawback.
the picture's US release hit a snag
a sharp, angular, or jagged projection.
keep an emery board handy in case of nail snags
a dead tree.
Weak cavity excavators, chickadees nest in hardwood snags , dead limbs, or knot-holes of live trees.
catch or tear (something) on a projection.
thorns snagged his sweater
Plans to scrap a toxic ‘ghost fleet’ of former United States Navy ships in Britain hit a snag yesterday when it emerged that new planning permission might be needed.
Unfortunately, this morning the plan hit a snag when none of them actually turned up.
By rounding off all sharp edges, the gun does not snag when drawn or holstered.
I hit my first snag when I managed to burr one of the screws, which made it impossible to remove the arm at all!
Golf simulations have hit a snag in recent years, as very few of them have shown the ability to significantly improve on versions from previous years.
But there was a snag - there was no natural harbour, and Carrington surmised that building one would be at considerable expense.
It's just slightly bigger than a Fig Newton with two tire irons snapped to the side, with no sharp edges or protruding tools to snag jersey pockets or cut spare tubes.
The girl ducked this time, but the bird still managed to snag the strap of her tank-top, tearing it.
However the scheme hit a snag in the narrow streets, lanes and yards of Saltaire where residents have found there just is not room for two bins.
When he was discharged in 1946, he began arranging for Harry James, but his career hit a snag when bebop, an intellectual genre that he rebuffed, became the rage.