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snafu / путаница, неразбериха
имя существительное
confusion, tangle, mess, mix, jumble, snafu
confusion, muddle, mix, bewilderment, snafu, welter
имя прилагательное
snafu, deranged, hurly-burly
entangled, tangled, intricate, complicated, knotty, snafu
провалить дело
flub, snafu
имя существительное
a confused or chaotic state; a mess.
an enormous amount of my time was devoted to untangling snafus
имя прилагательное
in utter confusion or chaos.
our refrigeration plant is snafu
throw (a situation) into chaos.
you ignored his orders and snafued everything
In a follow-up to the seaweed snafu news of these past weeks, we can report that some of the weed has been dispersed but there remains a persistent pungency in the on-shore breeze.
Accounts differ about what happened to snafu that deal, but because it didn't go through, IBM contacted a small company called Microsoft.
In a snafu worthy of WCW, the ring wasn't miked properly which made most of the moves and almost all pinfall attempts come off like watching a silent movie.
Should a snafu come to public attention, and there is a free press to ask embarrassing questions and point accusatory fingers, then they can see their careers end overnight.
In recent years the defense and aerospace giant has weathered operational snafus , ethical scandals, criminal convictions, and abrupt executive departures.
Soon the entire situation spirals out of control into a tragicomic mess of blunders, language barriers, bureaucratic snafus , and spin control.
After arriving, we encountered a few administrative snafus , but we quickly surmounted them, and we were set to start carrier ops the next day.