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snack / закуска, легкая закуска, что-либо легко достижимое
имя существительное
snack, appetizer, refreshment, collation, refection, morsel
легкая закуска
light meal, snack, lunch, luncheonette, bite
что-либо легко достижимое
имя существительное
a small amount of food eaten between meals.
Some fast food snacks result in you feeling hungry very soon after eating.
eat a snack.
she likes to snack on yogurt
she likes to snack on yogurt
The bag lunch itself is nutritious, sufficient, if not very inspiring: a sandwich, some juice, a dessert snack or piece of fruit.
she likes to snack on yogurt
Steinhauser agrees that pudding is typically viewed as a dessert, while yogurt is deemed a healthy snack or even a meal replacement.
Recently, a food manufacturer set its innovations department a challenge to create a healthy snack with reduced salt, reduced fat and reduced sugar levels.
it'll be a snack
not many people make it through to the evening meal without a snack
Part of the Austrian way of life, the coffeehouse serves as a meeting place and a source for breakfast or a snack or light lunch.
The selection covers everything from protein and vegetable meals to snacks , desserts, fruit and vegetables.
Nine in 10 people questioned in the survey said they snacked between meals.