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smug / самодовольный, чопорный, элегантный
имя прилагательное
complacent, smug, conceited, chuffed, proud, superior
prim, stiff, smug, starchy, stand-offish, offish
elegant, stylish, smart, chic, nice, smug
имя существительное
wonk, swot, smug, sap, grind, grinder
strutter, smug, tinhorn
decorate, adorn, garnish, dress, beautify, smug
dress up, dress, trig, prank, titivate, smug
имя прилагательное
having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one's achievements.
he was feeling smug after his win
The prospect of wiping the smug smirk of Murdoch's mug is a delightful notion.
Even middle class is these days often used as a venomous synonym for smug , unadventurous or selfish.
A smug smile sat on her lips as she sipped on her cranberry juice, knowing exactly what was in store.
Tell me you love the pics and I'll be smug about them for a couple of days.
He had that smug , always right, nasal sounding twang, of Ken's down to perfection.
We sauntered out of the house, feeling fairly smug as we'd got organised quite quickly for a change.
British MPs tend to feel smug that religion plays almost no role in our politics.
He winked at me and I wanted to knock out a few teeth in that smug smile he flashed at me.
The Minister can sit there with a smug smile and a smug face, and he can shake his head all that he wants to.
I did a bit of redrafting, then emailed it into the office, feeling smug that I was working from home.