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smudge / пятно, грязное пятно, едкий дым
имя существительное
spot, stain, blot, blur, slick, smudge
грязное пятно
smudge, splodge, splotch, smut, smutch
едкий дым
smudge, smutch
besmirch, smudge, stain, dirty, soil, discolor
smear, smudge, daub, smutch
имя существительное
a blurred or smeared mark on the surface of something.
a smudge of blood on the floor
a smoky outdoor fire that is lit to keep off insects or protect plants against frost.
Some lit smudges every day under the house to smoke out mosquitoes.
cause (something) to become messily smeared by rubbing it.
she dabbed her eyes, careful not to smudge her makeup
But there was no one around, and the control tower was just a smudge on the horizon.
The sun was only a red smudge on the horizon when I arrived.
The forms smudge and blur, become lost in diffuse clouds of tone; the images are elusive - inviting speculative engagement.
It was almost dawn, and Scott looked out to the horizon at a smudge of orange that would very soon become the sun.
she dabbed her eyes, careful not to smudge her makeup
There was a smudge on the horizon that quickly turned itself into a large, stubby-nosed blue plane, headed right for the castle.
The industrial towns were far away, a smudge of smoke and misery hidden by the curve of the earth's surface.
They both stared out at the harbour on the horizon, a mere smudge of brown and green surrounded by grey, frothy sea.
a smudge of blood on the floor
The outpost sat on the horizon, a black smudge with streaks of pink and orange in the sky behind it.