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smoulder / тлеть, теплиться, гореть медленно
smolder, glow, smoulder
smolder, smoulder
гореть медленно
smolder, smoulder
имя существительное
тлеющий огонь
smolder, smoulder
удушливый дым
smolder, pother, smoulder
имя существительное
smoke coming from a fire that is burning slowly without a flame.
the last acrid smolder of his cigarette
burn slowly with smoke but no flame.
the bonfire still smoldered, the smoke drifting over the paddock
Alexander watched the twin red-hot points of fire smoulder in the figure's flesh, but to his amazement, the wound healed before his eyes.
The incense will slowly smoulder , filling the room with its delightful fragrance.
the last acrid smoulder of his cigarette
Cigarettes are designed to smoulder , to burn slowly.
Ava suddenly became busy tying the makeshift rope together, an excuse not to meet his smoldering gaze.
The remaining embers lay smoldering , barely giving off any glow in the dark.
Towering over the run-down streets of Hawaiian Gardens, the casino sports a 10-foot-high volcano that smolders and periodically spits out fire.
Cid took a deep draw, then blew out the blue grey smoke, his eyes smouldering .
But it's cozier in there; the smolder of tobacco fumes collects on the structural beams that maintain the shelter and mixes with raw breath to mildew man and trench shoring.
A single strand of simple, unsophisticated smoke smoldered silently upward; spiraling simperingly into a sunlit bed of stagnant smog.