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smoothly / плавно, гладко, ровно
smoothly, fluently, sweepingly
smooth, smoothly, slick, swimmingly, fluently, volubly
smooth, exactly, flat, level, even, smoothly
in a smooth way.
the bust is smoothly carved in white marble
without problems or difficulties.
everything seemed to be going smoothly
The Associated Farmers maintain a smoothly functioning propaganda machine.
The show consisted of nine different dances which smoothly flowed into one another, without ever repeating.
Things, simply put, are not going smoothly .
everything seemed to be going smoothly
And in fact, things have been going really smoothly here today.
Prior to the election, the mood between the government and opposition was confrontational, so naturally the legislative process did not proceed smoothly .
The low pitch setting of the four bladed propeller allowed the engine to accelerate smoothly to 3,000 rotations per minute.
I was there during the presidential election, which went very smoothly .
everything seemed to be going smoothly
It can help in the creation of attractive applications by allowing users to snap photos in rapid succession smoothly .