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smooch / поцелуй, ласки, объятия
имя существительное
kiss, smooch, osculation, salute
petting, smooch
embrace, cuddle, clasp, clinch, clench, smooch
целоваться и обниматься
smooch, snog
крутить любовь
kiss and cuddle amorously.
the young lovers smooched in their car
имя существительное
a kiss or a spell of amorous kissing and cuddling.
a slurpy smooch on the ear
Its romance though, is a magnet for lovers, and many pause to throw in their coins and seal their hopes with a smooch .
he moved in for a big smooch
a slurpy smooch on the ear
I once saw a young girl from the audience land a smooch on the cheek of a stoutly-built male singer, whose singing was notoriously out of tune.
The spirited young girl wrapped her arms around her brother's neck, giving him a big smooch on the cheek.
You two can't smooch in there since your mother is in the kitchen.
in the slow numbers she gave him no encouragement to smooch with her
Confetti was all around and Chris and I planted a big smooch on each other.
There was a rumour of something going on between the two, but as far as the boy was concerned, as long as they didn't smooch in front of him (he shivered in disgust), he was fine with it.
they suggest a dance but it turns into a smooch