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smolder / тлеть, теплиться, гореть медленно
smolder, glow, smoulder
smolder, smoulder
гореть медленно
smolder, smoulder
lurk, smolder, smoulder
имя существительное
тлеющий огонь
smolder, smoulder
удушливый дым
smolder, pother, smoulder
имя существительное
smoke coming from a fire that is burning slowly without a flame.
the last acrid smolder of his cigarette
burn slowly with smoke but no flame.
the bonfire still smoldered, the smoke drifting over the paddock
The smokestacks from the factories of Tokyo were belching black smolder into already fetid air.
But it's cozier in there; the smolder of tobacco fumes collects on the structural beams that maintain the shelter and mixes with raw breath to mildew man and trench shoring.
the last acrid smolder of his cigarette
A fuel that burned too fast would explode like a bomb; a fuel that burned too slow would smolder like a barbecue grill.
But that doesn't quite happen, either, if one is to believe the still smoldering conflicts over birth control that turn up in this study.
Three crews were brought in to bring the barn blaze under control and the smouldering hay was transported out of the barn on tractors to spread on nearby fields.
It was simply smouldering , the flames long burned out leaving nothing but some charcoal what was once wood.
Some fires smoldered for weeks, burning down through logging slash and the deep soil until they scorched the rocks below.
Richard, the novel's true hero, is tall, dark and smoulderingly handsome - but also cripplingly shy and reserved in that Mr Darcy sort of way that makes him seem insufferably arrogant.
His eyes smoldered with hatred and he growled, but finally his eyes dropped respectfully.