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smoker / курильщик, курящий, коптильщик
имя существительное
smoker, nicotian
curer, smoker
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a person who smokes tobacco regularly.
I did not encounter any women in the community who were regular smokers of local tobacco, or any young men.
a person or device that smokes fish or meat.
Housed in food tents alongside the pier, some of West Cork's finest fish smokers , cheese makers and organic gardeners will have their produce on sale.
an informal social gathering for men.
a device that emits smoke for subduing bees in a hive.
The smoker is really an essential piece of equipment for inspecting bees.
For the salmon belly, prepare a hot smoker with applewood chips.
I myself used to smoke cannabis, although I have never been a smoker of tobacco. Is it such a crime?
The third important piece of equipment is the smoker , which is used to pacify the bees. In the wild, the smell of smoke (forest fire) will send the bees indoors to fill up with honey. That way they will have a full belly if they are forced to leave their hive.
he's a cigar smoker
If you're a smoker or are regularly exposed to cigarette smoke, studies show that synthetic beta carotene could increase your lung cancer risk.
He was a long-time smoker and regularly drank moderate quantities of beer.
Remove the liver from the smoker ; lay on a sheet of plastic wrap on a flat work surface.
A regular smoker says that the cigar smoke has to be savoured by rolling in the mouth rather than inhaling it.
The plan is to use this for a year or so, then build a brick smoker with integrated barbecue next summer.
The temperature in the smoker should be maintained at 250 to 300°F for safety.