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smoke / дым, курение, дымок
имя существительное
smoke, fume, reek
smoking, smoke
smoke, puff, plume of smoke, whiff
smoke, puff, fume
smoke, reek
smoke, fume, puff, fume away, reek
имя существительное
a visible suspension of carbon or other particles in air, typically one emitted from a burning substance.
bonfire smoke
emit smoke or visible vapor.
heat the oil until it just smokes
cure or preserve (meat or fish) by exposure to smoke.
smoked salmon
kill (someone) by shooting.
And he tells us to smoke him. [Intel] would tell the Lieutenant that he had to smoke the prisoners and that is what we were told to do.
make fun of (someone).
we baited her and smoked her
they then smoke the bees until they are stupid
It showed the burning house with thick smoke all around it.
Sid's shook his head, causing the smoke from the cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth to float up into his eyes.
bonfire smoke
They had all been sitting around, not doing much, some of the members were smoking cigarettes and the smoke was filling up the room.
When reassembling the hive, smoke the bees so that they move down and pause slightly before replacing hive bodies or covers.
He said the large volume of smoke was caused by burning tar.
The smoke from the cigar dissipated into the atmosphere of the room as he exhaled.
they gotta go smoke this person
Although I was trying to quit smoking, the beer gave me a bad craving and when Mike went for a smoke , I followed and asked to bum one.