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smith / кузнец, рабочий по металлу
имя существительное
blacksmith, smith, farrier, forger, smithy, hammersmith
рабочий по металлу
ковать вручную
treat (metal) by heating, hammering, and forging it.
tin-bronze was cast into ingots before being smithed into bracelets
denoting a person skilled in creating something with a specified material.
There is a family of potters who are exceptionally skilled, a weaver, a jeweler, and a metal smith .
The metal hissed furiously as the smith quenched it in a trough of oil.
we do not know whether the metals were mined and smelted by the smith or purchased from miners
Almost undoubtedly, dwarves had had something to do with its creation; only the short folk could possible be skilled enough to smith the metal so perfectly.
Torik, besides being a master metal smith , was also the rarest of craftsmen, one who could weave enchantments into his work.
An assistant swung the converter back into the crucible, leaving the smith free to turn his attention to the liquid steel in the mould.
It takes a lot of time and energy to sculpt a piece of solid metal into a detailed figure, and unless a smith has these skills, she or he will spend great portions of their time on it.
There the smiths beat the metal on anvils on top or in huge furnaces.
Families built and repaired their own houses and barns, mended their own tools and harness, sometimes smithed iron and tanned leather.
As early as 1720, British craftsmen, metal smiths and clockmakers, applied for permits to work in the newly formed presidencies.