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smirk / ухмыляться
grin, smirk
имя существительное
smirk, simper
самодовольная улыбка
глупая улыбка
имя существительное
a smug, conceited, or silly smile.
Gloria pursed her mouth in a self-satisfied smirk
smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way.
he smirked in triumph
This certitude explains to this bigot why he has such a self-satisfied smirk in his photo.
Gloria pursed her mouth in a self-satisfied smirk
Gloria pursed her mouth in a self-satisfied smirk
She smiled with the self-assured smirk of someone who is overly aware of their talents.
I see that a number of the Ministers opposite me are now smiling and smirking .
This way-out, smirkily comic adventure pits ten-year-old Lily and her friends against whales determined to take over the world.
He grinned, and one of those male, self-satisfied smirks slid onto his face.
I heard that when wife Elizabeth refreshed Cheney's memory after the debate, he smirkily replied ‘Oh Yeah’ indicating that he had indeed remembered their meetings.
You want to say, ‘I planned it that way,’ but a self-betraying, smirkily ironic tone enters your voice.
There will always be smirkers , but if you realize that you can transcend them and have a hopeful message, you can reach so many people.