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smidgen / малость, капелька, чуточка
имя существительное
minuteness, smidgen, stitch
droplet, drop, whit, splash, tittle, smidgen
modicum, touch, ounce, dash, smidgen, taste
имя существительное
a small amount of something.
add a smidgen of cayenne
Though made from an odd array of ingredients including a smidgen of potato flour, they did taste vaguely like French fries.
She used the curvature of the chip to hold a smidgen of salsa.
add a smidgen of cayenne
add a smidgen of cayenne
Give people exactly what they remember a genre is all about, add a smidgeon of irony/contemporary cultural reference to taste, count the money.
Anybody with a smidgin of web sense will instantly spot that as an urban legend.
Jake White's Springboks played almost as well as the Australians really, lacking only a smidgeon of dash in the final 15-20 minutes.