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smell / запах, обоняние, амбре
имя существительное
smell, odor, scent, flavor, flavour, odour
smell, smelling, nose
scent, smell
smell, scent, smack
smell, take a smell
чувствовать запах
имя существительное
the faculty or power of perceiving odors or scents by means of the organs in the nose.
a highly developed sense of smell
perceive or detect the odor or scent of (something).
I think I can smell something burning
emit an odor or scent of a specified kind.
it smelled like cough medicine
A police dog who happens to smell an illegal substance on casual passing in a train station is probably cause for detaining you.
the dogs smell each other
They would hear booms far out in the ocean, see the smoke or the nighttime glow of burning ships on the horizon, and smell burning fuel on the sea breeze.
Even without any evidence he can smell out the truth.
twenty-seven cats lived there—you can imagine the smell!
Lemond was unconvinced and believed, like many others, Hinault could smell a record sixth victory.
have a smell of this
Tara's nose tuned into smell of breakfast and decided to go downstairs to get a bite to eat.
The carcass which had already began to smell revealed a red mess with two holes where eyes should have been.
And the new initiatives are bomb sniffing dogs we are looking at, so can smell explosives hidden in containers.