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smattering / поверхностное знание, небольшое число, кое-что
имя существительное
поверхностное знание
небольшое число
thing, little, smattering
имя существительное
a slight superficial knowledge of a language or subject.
Edward had only a smattering of Spanish
Edward had only a smattering of Spanish
He has a smattering of Arabic, and has knowledge of the way the Islamic people in the Gulf States and the surrounding areas act and react.
With an aptitude for languages and a smattering of Italian, she'd chatter away to people, gradually getting the hang of the Liguarian dialect.
a smattering of snow
A smattering of naturalized yellow narcissi can make a barren bit of property look like a natural wonder.
He could speak a smattering of Maori, or pidgin Maori, where the language is broken down and simplified, so he was given the job of interpreter.
Edward had only a smattering of Welsh
Stepping out, Moira spotted a smattering of familiar faces among the crowd.
a smattering of snow
The entire trip, spanning a period of 118 days, enabled the couple to pick up a smattering of local languages wherever they went.