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smashing / сокрушительный, разящий, великолепный
имя прилагательное
crushing, smashing, sledgehammer, knockdown, hammering, slashing
great, sumptuous, gorgeous, magnificent, excellent, smashing
имя существительное
beating, smashing, pounding, smash
имя прилагательное
excellent; wonderful.
you look smashing!
violently break (something) into pieces.
the thief smashed a window to get into the car
move so as to hit or collide with something with great force and impact.
their plane smashed into a mountainside
All indications suggest it will be a smashing success.
Thank you everyone, marvellous entertainment and smashing , friendly people, lots of them!
Reaction to his role in MIT was excellent, he says, with ‘some lovely reviews and smashing comments’.
But as the years go by, we realize what a smashing wonderful star she was.
Letting famous film directors direct operas has resulted in both smashing successes and dismal failures.
The tour is going absolutely, smashingly well.
Our presentation to the president and company went smashingly , and it was an unqualified success.
Zen 8 was out of salmon skin, but we hit the jackpot at Sushi Kawa - the salmon was smashingly crispy, the rolls expertly composed.
Everything comes together smashingly , in an extended dénouement that… reasserts the power of stories and songs to represent, sustain and complete us.
At this point the music changes to a jolly bouncy tune, sung absolutely smashingly by Oliver Reed.