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smasher / нечто сногсшибательное, разгромная рецензия, сокрушительный удар
имя существительное
нечто сногсшибательное
smasher, snorter
разгромная рецензия
сокрушительный удар
smashing blow, smash, sledgehammer blow, smasher, hammerblow, slosh
имя существительное
a very attractive or impressive person or thing.
his wife is a smasher
a person or device that breaks something up.
riot police had clashed with window smashers
With a super-duper particle smasher , physicists might be able to simulate the earliest moments of the cosmos.
I saw the picture you sent me, Robbo - he looks a little smasher .
And they've just launched another smasher in the shape of the prodigious new 807 MPV.
The first studio album for 35 years from one of Britain's most influential blues/rock outfit is a smasher .
The door smasher ran onto private property, picked up a child's scooter and using it as a weapon hit Michael on the forearm.
his wife is a smasher
the night nurse was a smasher
But he died at 37, and left an idea of the poet not just as an outsider, but also as an iconoclast, a smasher of images, a sexual adventurer, a ‘conduit of feeling’.
Since David McVicar's 2000 production was such a smasher , Scottish Opera has taken Puccini's Madama Butterfly back on tour, still with many of the original cast.
He thinks the window smashers are using small metal hammers from fire alarms to break the glass.