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smashed / раздавленный, вдрызг пьяный
имя прилагательное
crushed, squashed, smashed
вдрызг пьяный
smashed, sozzled
имя прилагательное
violently or badly broken or shattered.
a smashed collarbone
very drunk.
when they go back to the barracks, the single men get smashed
violently break (something) into pieces.
the thief smashed a window to get into the car
move so as to hit or collide with something with great force and impact.
their plane smashed into a mountainside
Broken glass from a smashed car window glimmers in the sun.
The defendant's car was badly damaged and had a smashed windscreen and two shredded tyres.
I was shocked by the devastation and literally sickened by the site of people walking through a smashed window of a gem store and helping themself to anything they found.
The Three Horseshoes Mall has seen an increase in crime including broken drainpipes, smashed bottles and graffiti daubed on shop windows.
She watched as the gray mantled gull swooped down and greedily ate the smashed contents of the shattered clamshell.
‘My wheelchair is constantly getting punctures because of the smashed glass,’ said Mr Everton.
The Ford lurched left, sending the truck into a roll that left a cloud of smashed metal and bits of those that had been riding in the bed into the air.
Steady shelling was going on, and there were occasional spatters of machine gun fire through the smashed windows of her refuge.
A dark coloured Audi saloon parked at the roadside was badly damaged with traces of white paint left on its smashed panels.
She also suffered a broken nose, smashed cheekbones and jawbone and lost several teeth.