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smash / разгромить, громить, сокрушить
smash, rout, hammer, crucify, blitz, smear
thunder, smash, destroy, batter, fulminate, smear
имя существительное
bankruptcy, failure, insolvency, smash, bust, crash
catastrophe, accident, smash, earthquake, smash-up
с размаху
smash, sock
to pieces, into smithereens, smash
имя прилагательное
successful, prosperous, useful, smash
имя существительное
an act or sound of something smashing.
he heard the smash of glass
a very successful song, film, show, or performer.
a box-office smash
a mixture of liquors (typically brandy) with flavored water and ice.
Have a smash of the brandy before it's all gone.
violently break (something) into pieces.
the thief smashed a window to get into the car
move so as to hit or collide with something with great force and impact.
their plane smashed into a mountainside
Shrugging Antonio started to walk by the room when he heard the smash of something that sounded like glass.
Gerry Rafferty - he of the 1970s smash Baker Street - is selling up in the town before he has even moved in.
Playoffs hockey can be blunt, like a forearm smash to the chin.
The father-of-two was killed on June 10 in a smash with another vehicle when he was driving to Denver airport.
In a separate accident two women were fighting for their lives in hospital after their car collided with another vehicle in a head-on smash in Rochdale.
She was involved in a horrific smash , crashing into two cars which had already been involved in an accident.
It has been a dance-floor smash ever since Tall Paul dropped the track last year at London's super club Turnmills.
The Celtic defender appeared to smash Paul Fenwick across the face in a first-half clash missed by referee Alan Freeland but captured by Sky TV cameras.
The Duke took this as a good sign and attempted to walk around the Marvel once more and was met for his troubles with a forearm smash to the chest that almost knocked him off his feet.
a car smash